Online Cricket Betting in India - All You Need to Know

Online cricket betting is the most popular pastime among punters in India. Statistically, it is the discipline of choice for most punters. Football, kabaddi and field hockey share the second position with a serious lag. The national team has been successful in international competitions. The Indian Premier League (IPL) brand is valued at $6.1 billion.

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What Cricket is and its Rules

Indian Cricket Player

Cricket is a team game originally from England. The first mentions date back to the 16th century. The sport first gained popularity in its homeland, with the development of British expansion appearing in other parts of the world. The number of fans exceeds one billion. The greatest interest is shown by citizens from:

  • India;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Pakistan;
  • Australia;
  • New Zealand.

The action unfolds on a field shaped like an oval. In the centre is a rectangle 20 metres long and 3 metres wide. This is called the pitch in sportsmen’s slang. There are wickets at the ends of the rectangle. The regulated height of the pitch is 71cm. Each wicket is 22cm wide. They are traditionally made of willow.

The task of the players is to score the maximum number of points or prevent their opponents from gaining points.

The serving team may have 11 athletes on the pitch. The opponents are only allowed to keep 2 players. They must be at the wickets and protect them from the ball with bats. Such players are known as batsmen. The bowler is referred to in cricket fan slang as a bowler.

The pitcher’s captain is responsible for distributing the players on the pitch. Nine athletes are directly on the pitch, one serves the ball and another takes up position behind the player with the bat.

The kicking team scores points for the runs. In the slang of the game, these are called runs. An athlete bounces the ball and runs towards the opposite wicket. At this time the second fielder of the club runs towards him. After crossing the line, one must touch the ground with a body part or bat.

The rules of cricket allow for several runs per stroke. However, such situations rarely arise. The task of the athletes on the pitch is to smash the wicket. The competition rules imply that points are awarded for taking the ball out of the field:

  • 6 runs are awarded for flying without touching the ground;
  • 4 points are awarded for rebounding after rebounding.

The rules are monitored by 2 referees. The referees may award points for non-observance of the rules, mistakes in putting the ball into play.

The serving team must strike out the opposing kicker. Otherwise, the athlete takes the entire series of 6 shots. In cricket slang, it is commonly referred to as over. There are 4 reasons for leaving the field early:

  1. Bowler got the ball caught by the kicker.
  2. The athlete did not reflect the shot, the ball shattering the wicket.
  3. The opponents destroyed the wicket.
  4. A player from the defending team catches the ball on the fly.

There is also a change of Bowler class players every 6 innings. The part of the match before the change of sides is called the innings.

The time of the bout is determined by the rules of the competition. Short matches usually last 3.5 hours. Supranational competition games can last up to 5 days. The International Cricket Council and Marylebone Cricket Club develop the standards and requirements of the game. The established regulations may relate to:

  • The number of overs;
  • the number of innings;
  • time of the match.

The rules are stipulated before the meeting starts. Normally, tournaments of the same championship follow the same rules.

The disciplinary regulations allow replacements to be made. A new player may be placed on the pitch after an injury to one of the bases. However, the player is only allowed to act on the pitch. He may not act as captain, batsman or bowler. The appearance of any athlete on the pitch without the referee’s permission is punishable by a fine.

The score in the match is displayed in p/k format. Where P is the number of points scored (run), k is the number of wickets lost. The P parameter is taken into account when determining the winner.

Certain conditions apply when the ball is put into play. An athlete may not straighten his/her arm fully when making the shot. The competition rules allow a single bounce serve. The competition rules specify the areas on the pitch from which a shot may not be thrown.

What Types of Bets There Are in Online Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting Markets

Cricket betting at betting companies in India is characterised by the variety of options available. Operators offer different types of betting. The operators offer different types of betting:

  1. 1×2 – the bookmaker offers to determine the winner of the game.
  2. Run-out statistics. Punter to determine which team will do more of the specified actions during the match.
  3. Betting operators are introducing a “Best First Partnership Result” betting market. One of the teams can win in this case, there is an option to bet on a draw.
  4. It is also possible to bet on the number of points either player will score. Betting companies are more likely to offer options of 50 or 100. The higher the number, the more favourable odds the companies give.
  5. Some betting operators offer to guess the method by which the destruction of the first wicket will occur.
  6. Punters can bet on the winner of the toss if they wish. Such events on the field can be considered equal. Operators are therefore more likely to give the same odds on them.
  7. You can also bet on the total of the first service of the ball. Companies are invited to guess the number of runs scored after the ball is kicked.
  8. Punters can bet on the team with the first wicket to fall during the game.
  9. Among Indian sports betting fans, betting on the individual performance of athletes is popular. Betting sites allow them to guess the name of the person who will score the highest number of points.
  10. Sometimes sports betting sites feature dueling bets between players. Punters need to determine which athlete in the pair will do more good.
  11. Some operators introduce additional divisions. Companies add markets to determine the best athlete depending on the role (Batter or Bowler).

Online bookmakers often add handicaps to bets. In this case, the punter has to guess the winner of the match, taking into account the advantage declared by the bookmaker. The handicap is virtual and is not reflected in the game score. It is possible to bet on the number of points scored. The operators set the limits and ask to determine whether the team will score more or fewer points. Such betting options are also offered for the sum of points of both clubs.

The depth of match detail depends on several criteria. Operators are better at looking at games of popular championships in India. The number of betting markets increases as the encounter gets closer. The companies have more information on the upcoming match, which allows them to give better details.

India’s Popular Cricket Competitions

Cricket Player

Online cricket betting is particularly popular among players in India. The BCCI is considered to be the main regulatory body. The board is responsible for organising all local competitions. The members of the association are also responsible for the formation of the national team. There are different leagues and championships in India. The list of the most popular ones includes:

  • Twenty20;
  • Indian Premier League;
  • Deodhar Trophy;
  • Ranji Trophy;
  • Duleep Trophy;
  • NKP Salve Challenger Trophy;
  • Vijay Haraze Trophy and others.

There is interest among Indians in international competitions. The local team is regarded as one of the most decorated and strongest in the world. The national teams of Pakistan and India also receive a lot of attention. Traditionally, these cricket matches are considered to be the most watched in the world.

Bookmakers are keen to keep the public interested in the market. For punters, companies set minimum commissions on cricket and give additional incentives. Some betting operators even add a free betting option on matches in the said discipline.

How to Bet on Cricket Online

Online bookmakers only accept cricket bets from registered users. Therefore, a punter has to register before placing a bet. You are advised to familiarise yourself with the company’s requirements beforehand. They may concern a number of points.

Age restrictionsFrom age 18, From age 21 or subject to state law
Possibility to create an additional profileIn most cases, it is forbidden to
Receiving a welcome-bonusDepends on the bookmaker’s regulations

Let us now tell you how to bet on cricket. The procedure requires the player to do so:

  1. Top up your personal account balance with the required amount.
  2. Select the event of interest.
  3. Click on the odds of the desired outcome.
  4. Enter the bet amount in the coupon and confirm the action.

When the match is over, the betting company will calculate and give the player his winnings. More often, the operators will give out the prizes after the desired event. Punters can place bets before the start of the match or in Live mode. There is no fundamental difference in the betting mechanism.

Attention! The odds at the bookmakers are constantly changing. Some companies offer an automatic betting option in coupons when the odds increase. The client needs to write down the bet amount and activate the option. If the potential profitability increases, the system will confirm the betting automatically.

Online Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket Player

Online cricket betting can be a source of steady income. The sport is a popular one, with competitions taking place every year. However, a number of conditions need to be met for a player to achieve good financial results. The main cricket betting tips concern:

  1. Selecting a betting company. Internet betting is formally banned in India. That is why punters bet on the websites of international betting houses. Before registering, it is advisable to check the company for license, margin, variety of betting options available. It is also necessary to look at the betting limits set, the methods used for making a deposit and withdrawing funds. After analysing the betting operators, we advise you to keep an account with 3-5 companies from the TOP list.
  2. Analysis of events. Betting without first estimating the chances of the desired result occurring is not an option. Such tactics will lead to financial losses. It is necessary to study the game from different angles. Athletes’ motivation, recent game statistics, head-to-head stats, style of play, lineup changes should be taken into consideration. The more factors a punter takes into account, the higher the chances of a successful betting.
  3. The choice of odds. We strongly advise against betting on events with odds less than 1.50. To break even at a distance when playing on the specified outcomes, you need a pass rate of 67%. One can only dream about high earnings if the performance is 75% and higher. It is very difficult to reach such figures. The optimal odds are 1.60-2.00. They are ideal in terms of the ratio of risk and possible profits.
  4. Selecting the type of bets. Multiple bets are popular because of the opportunity to get the best odds. By including 2 events at odds of 1.50 in such a bet, the total return rises to 2.25. However, the punter increases the risks of losing. In addition to the odds, the bookmaker’s margin increases as well. Professional punters prefer to bet on single bets.
  5. Selecting the betting amount. We recommend avoiding the use of progressive bankroll management models. Such tactics increase the risk of total loss in a series of losses. It is better to play for a fixed amount or a percentage of the account balance. Betting on 2-5% of the bank is ideal.

The best cricket betting sites also allow you to play in real time. Punter can view the match and make bets. As a result, the player will improve his prediction and increase his performance.

Best Online Cricket Betting Sites in India

Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

The best online cricket betting sites in India operate under licences from international regulators. The companies have a number of distinctive advantages:

  1. Indibet. The bookmaker is aimed at players from our country. The company offers customers to check their level of luck through the Cricketbook exchange. Using the tool allows punters to make and accept bets. The operator acts as an intermediary. The commission of the office is at the level of 4-5%. The bookmaker gives 200+ variants of outcomes for leading matches. The firm operates under a Curacao license.
  2. 10Cric. The website looks at all the popular championships in India. The average margin on cricket matches is 5-6%. For some matches, the bookmaker offers more than 300 betting options. Punters can also play other sports, test their luck at slots, Live-casino.
  3. 1xBet. It is the largest international betting operator. The company operates around the world, so it tries to give good detail on all sports. On some days, you can see 400+ cricket matches on the site. For popular encounters, the bookmaker offers 500+ variations of outcomes. For the main market, the office keeps the margin at 4-6%. When playing on additional outcomes, the figure can rise to 8-10%.
  4. Betwinner. It is a bookmaker licensed in Curacao. The company has many pluses. The operator tries to consider all popular leagues and matches in the country. Betting odds remain favourable due to a commission of 4-6% for the main market. The bookmaker often runs live streaming of matches. Viewing of games is free. There are no minimum deposit or betting requirements for punters.
  5. Sportsbet io. It is a bookmaker focused on the Australian market. The love of cricket in Australia is quite high and, as a result, the operator is of interest to punters from India. The company gives the most in-depth details on popular matches. Players can bet on a variety of outcomes. A plus for customers is the attractive bonus policy.

We recommend opening an account on each of these sites. Such a solution will allow you to choose the most attractive odds for the match and optimise the game.

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Best Online Cricket Betting Apps in India

Best Indian Cricket Betting Apps

You can also play through the cricket betting apps. When you use the pre-installed smartphone software, you will be able to access betting 24/7.

The list of the best online cricket betting apps includes:

  • Parimatch app. The bookmaker accepts bets with a minimum commission of 4-6%. About 100+ variants of outcomes are available to players. The operator has developed software for smartphones and tablets based on Android and iOS. The software products can be installed even on older mobile devices;
  • 22Bet app. The app of this gambling house does not differ from the main version of the website in terms of the set of functions available to the client. Players can make sports bets, watch broadcasts and top up their personal accounts. The software is stable and no errors are possible while using it;
  • Melbet app. The system requirements of the Melbet bookmaker’s app are gentle. The app can be bet on smartphones with Android 5.0 and above. The program is available for iOS owners. You will be able to install the software on operating system version 11.0 and later. The odds are favourable, as the commission does not exceed 4-6% for the main outcomes;
  • Bet365 app. Operator is known for its commitment to innovation. The software from the mentioned gambling house works steadily. Customers can bet on sports, play casino games. Live betting fans can watch live broadcasts;
  • Betway app. A large company with a reputation for reliability. The app has the same functionality as the main site. All popular cricket matches are available to customers. There is an opportunity to watch live broadcasts.

These betting companies are constantly improving the quality of the software. Players receive new updates on a weekly basis.

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Why are cricket betting so popular in India?

The British brought cricket to India in the early 1700s. The first confirmed instance of the game took place in 1721. As the influence of English culture grew, so did the Hindus' love for cricket.

What is back and lay in cricket betting?

Such options appear on the betting exchange. When placing a back bet, the player bets on the occurrence of the specified event. The lay option plays against.

How to win in cricket betting?

You need to analyse every bet, play at odds of 1.5-2.0 and use a conservative bankroll management model. Taken together, these actions will help you beat the bookmaker over the distance.

Which app is best for cricket betting?

All of the apps listed in the article are suitable for cricket betting. The programmes can be used on older devices. On the plus side, the functionality of matches that of the main website.

Why are the online cricket betting sites on your list the best?

These operators give maximum match details and charge the lowest commissions. The companies have made the list of the best because of their impeccable reputation and the stability of their payouts.