1xbet 앱

Downloading the mobile app will allow you to bypass any blocking on the web, play at high speed with a stable signal. The main goal of 1xbet 앱 is to create a convenient online betting environment, providing a decent level of player protection with the help of modern technology.

How to download the app on Android

All smartphones support internet access. In your browser, find the mobile version of the 1xbet website and follow the instructions:

  • Move the scroll wheel down and tap on the Android logo.
  • The ark file is installed automatically. The download takes about 1 minute.
  • After that, you need to unzip the programme and leave the access icon on your desktop.
  • Compatibility with phone models from version 4.1 is 100%.
  • For safe downloading in the phone settings, activate the option “Allow downloading from unverified sites”.

You will get a full-fledged 1xVet programme with a simple and convenient interface. The main thing is that it will be active when the Internet signal is poor. The application is not afraid of blocking, as it has a built-in mechanism for automatically finding a backup link.

How to download the application for IOS

The actions of the player to install the programme on the iPhone and iPade will be slightly different.

First, find an alternative link to the mobile site and go down to the footer of the start page.

Click on the IOS shortcut. The App Store online app shop will open in a new window.

Select one of the programmes on offer:

  • For sports;
  • For poker;
  • For online casinos;
  • For sweepstakes.

Download the arp files and unzip the archive. Open the programme, leave the access shortcut on your desktop.


The main advantage of 1xbet 앱 – safe entry to the betting site at any time from any location. ISP blockades do not affect the programme that is installed on your phone. The speed of the connection to the server, as in the mobile version, will depend on your internet provider. However, the gaming sessions will be uninterrupted: the application is able to work during poor signal and during technical works on the site.

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